Youth Ministry

Tuckahoe Presbyterian Youth Ministries

The purpose of our Tuckahoe Youth Groups are to create lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ through fostering intentional relationships, providing opportunities for thoughtful study, making space for passionate worship and orienting lives toward participation in God’s mission to the world. We also like to have fun.  We meet each Sunday, September – May,  from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. in Duntreath Hall for programs and dinner.

Activities in Youth Group

  • Bible studies
  • Sunday school classes
  • Weeknight gatherings
  • Outreach events
  • Service projects
  • Retreats
  • Mission trips
  • Church immersion opportunities


We encourage Middle and High School students in their growth toward a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

In addition to our regular weekly meetings, we have also cared for others through service projects including leaf raking, preparing meals for CARITAS and the Freedom House, and partnering with our Outreach Committee to engage in mission work.

TPC Scholarship Funds

The Warinner Family Scholarship Fund (WFSFund) will provide assistance to one selected youth member of Tuckahoe, deemed a qualified candidate by the committee,  per calendar year.  The assistance will be a merit based lump sum grant paid directly to a qualified institution.

Applicants will be responsible for submitting an application form which will demonstrate that they are active in the life of Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church. The application and associated other forms are available from the youth advisers, or from the Church office, or via this links below:

Scholarship Application 2018

Scholarship Recommendation Form 2018

Renewal Scholarship Form 2018

The application must be received by the TPC Scholarship Funds Committee by February 28th of the award year.

Recipients of grants are responsible for submitting an annual renewal form. The renewal form must be received by the TPC Scholarship Funds Committee by February 28th of the renewal year.

The grants are merit based scholarships.



WFSF Description