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Sunday School is in full swing! If you have not found a class, please try one out this Sunday.  There is a place for you in TPC Sunday School.


The Forum Class— Room 108   Using the curriculum of “The Wired Word” we will dive into a topic from the news that will challenge us on how our faith informs our daily lives.  Our lessons will include:

  • In the News  – a current event to be analyzed in a biblical context each week.
  • The Big Questions—a framework for the discussion.
  • Confronting the News with Scripture provides the substance of the lesson along with suggestions on how group members can apply Scripture passages covered that week to their daily lives.
  • Discussion Questions help you encourage additional in-depth exploration of the topic at hand.
  • Closing Prayer provides a meaningful conclusion to the week’s discussion.

The Discovery Class—Room 200  This Biblically-based discussion class explores different ways of thinking about our Christian faith through the use of books and materials that are decided upon by the class members. The class is led by various members of the class who volunteer (not required) to lead the discussion for a particular Sunday. We enjoy open discussions about our Christian faith, and with the help of class members, discover how our faith can have a positive and meaningful impact upon our daily lives. The last quarter of 2017 we will be studying a book by Adam Hamilton called, “Moses:  In the Footsteps of the Reluctant Prophet”.  Along with using Hamilton’s book, we will supplement our classroom discussion by using the DVD that goes along with his book.  Join us as we work to grow our relationship with God by following Adam Hamilton on a journey retracing the life of Moses from birth to leading his people out of Egypt.  After we have completed this book, the class will decide on other book(s) to study, as well as, materials to study during seasons of Advent and Lent.  If you have any questions regarding this class, please contact Walter Smith, Phil  Calhoun, Leslie Shimer or Walter Hogan.

Reformation Class—John Knox Chapel                                               Led by Patrick Dennis 

 This year we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.  Join us in this class to learn more about this event, the people involved and the impact it still has on us today.  We will begin our study with the Being Reformed Study: The Protestant Reformation.


The New Covenant Class—Room 106  The New Covenant Class has returned to the Adult Bible Studies series it has used for a number of years.  The Leadership Team rotates each week to facilitate the study and discussion of each week’s lesson.  This team is made up of  Meg Packard, Ginger Spence, Pam Dickerson, John Flournoy and Bob Smith.  In covering each lesson, these leaders direct the discussion as to the relativity and application of these biblical messages in today’s world.   As described on the Cokesbury website, the theme for this fall will be “Covenants with God” where we will  “consider the major covenants God made with people on behalf of the earth and the human community”.   Student books are available should you desire to read the lesson prior to Sunday morning or you can join in any week to participate in discussions which are always interesting and informative and many times quite passionate.


Parenting Class— Church Parlor   This class looks in depth at the lectionary scripture for the day and explores how to  engage their families in the message from the Bible throughout the week.  Using the Feasting on the Word curriculum the class:

  • Explores basic information about backgrounds and meanings of Scripture.
  • Explores the Where? question.  Where is God in this text? Where is God’s will and activities being expressed?
  • Explores the So What? question.  What are the implications of the passage for our Christian Lives? What does this passage mean to me? What does it mean for the Church?


 Men’s Bible Study

Each Thursday morning, the men’s Bible study gathers at seven a.m. for one hour to study Biblical passages and discern how to implement them in our lives. The group meets in Room 106, with coffee available beginning at 6:45 a.m.  For further information contact John Flournoy at 282-8220 or just plan to join us in Room 106 at 7:00 AM on Thursdays.  The study is open to all men.

Women’s Study Group

This group meets at the home of Ruth Anna Langdon at 7:00 pm on the first Monday night of the month to share in various studies.  It will be our pleasure to have you join us for fellowship and Bible study.