Worship Service

For many, the phrase “going to church” is synonymous with the act of attending a worship service. Being the church, however, means much more than assembling weekly in the sanctuary for the purpose of singing songs, praying, and hearing a sermon. Worship is indeed at the heart of what we do when we come together as God’s people but worship, moreover, tells us who we are and equips us with the encouragement we need to live the other six days of the week in response to the call of Jesus.

Our prayer for people who attend worship at Tuckahoe is that they will experience the presence of God but also that they would leave with the awareness that Christ has claimed them and will equip them to do so much more than they could do alone. So welcome to worship at Tuckahoe Church; join us as we both give thanks to the Author of our faith and receive the sustenance that can only be given from God’s hand.

Be sure to see when we hold our service times.