Our Outreach Efforts

The Outreach Committee coordinates many of Tuckahoe’s efforts to participate in projects that serve the needs of the local community.  Outreach also sponsors mission efforts well outside its Richmond roots, supporting mission work within the US and beyond. It supports a variety of service opportunities and is charged with making those opportunities known to the congregation.

We believe strongly that service demonstrates the second great commandment: to love others as ourselves.  And we try to exemplify Tuckahoe’s mission statement: Called by God to be the heart, voice, hands and feet of Christ where the Spirit leads us.

If you are interested in joining us in any Outreach projects, or participating with our Division as we explore service opportunities, please contact  one of the Outreach Elders or the church office.  We welcome new members, value fresh perspectives and willing hands.

Work with Local School Children

In 2005, Tuckahoe became involved with Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School in the city of Richmond.  Members of our congregation volunteer their time as tutors and classroom assistants. These, and others, also help with special projects involving students and teachers. In 2011 and 2012, TPC members adopted families and provided Christmas gifts for deserving students.  For more information, contact Dick Mateer.

Tuckahoe teams participate in the YMCA Bright Beginnings program each summer, providing funding and shopping partners for children who need a hand for upcoming school days.  For more information, contact Amanda Carr.


For many years Tuckahoe has participated in the CARITAS program for the homeless in the Richmond area.  Starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year, Tuckahoe becomes home to families who find themselves in need of a warm and welcoming place to be together.  Members provide food, shelter, laundry assistance, and encouragement. For more information, contact Jennifer Albertson.

Stop Hunger Now

On Saturday, October 24, 2015.  Tuckahoe hosted a Stop Hunger Now event in Duntreath Hall.  Over 90 volunteers packaged over 10,000 meals for shipment to places around the globe.  Church members, family and friends from ages 4 through seniors adults all  participated in this fun filled activity.  You can learn more about this important event at the Stop Hunger Now website www.stophungernow.

Other Outreach Activities of Tuckahoe

Providing Meals to Community Organizations

Tuckahoe members  prepare and deliver meals once a month to the Men’s Emergency Shelter, the Salvation Army Men’s Emergency Shelter, and Hilliard House.  We have several teams of drivers for Meals on Wheels. In addition to food and funds for the Central VA Food Bank and Lamb’s Basket, local food banks, volunteers often help restocking and distributing food for needy neighbors.

Other Community Involvement

We are involved with Hearth of Henrico and Amanda Carr oversees this connection. Our Presbyterian Women (PW) provide various needed items for disadvantaged children. For more information, please contact Meg Packard.  Tuckahoe workers also have volunteered their efforts through local organizations, such as Boaz and Ruth.   In February 2013, Boaz and Ruth was selected to participate in a national fundraising competition known as “The JobRaising Challenge”.  Tuckahoe’s Outreach Division hosted a Wednesday Night Dinner and donated all of the proceeds to this cause.

Each Christmas, Outreach coordinates the collection of Christmas gifts for children with an incarcerated parent through  Angel Tree.  For more information about Angel Tree, please contact Pam Burch.

Financial Support

Tuckahoe supports the following organizations financially through its Community Ministries program:  A Grace Place, Boaz and Ruth, CAPUP, CARITAS, Central Virginia Food Bank, Crossover Health Ministries,  FeedMore, Hilliard House, Home Again, Hearth of Henrico, Lamb’s Basket, Meals on Wheels, Micah Initiative, Project:HOMES, Virginia Voice, YMCA Bright Beginnings, and YWCA Women’s Advocacy.

Sources of Funding:

1) Tuckahoe’s Annual Divisional Budget- for community ministries, mission trips, missionary support and Presbyterian organizations.

2)  Sunday Offering – money from loose plate offerings on Communion Sundays, the Christmas Eve service and from individual gifts that are specifically given to the Helping Hand fund are distributed to CAPUP and Hearth of Henrico.

3)  CentsAbility Offering – taken the first Sunday of every month helps fund a feeding program.

4)  Special Events – In order to further fund our mission trip, the youth of Tuckahoe hold a Talent Show in April each year.  Outreach receives 51% portion of the proceeds from the event to fund our summer mission trips.  We also hold a Yard Sale in September to further fund the mission trip.  In 2013, we will be providing members the opportunity to donate items of greater value than normally sold at a yard sale at any time throughout the year.  The Division will arrange appraisal, pick-up, storage, and sale through an estate company.  Proceeds from the sale will go to Outreach.

5)  Individual gifts

For more information on any of these Outreach efforts, please contact  an Outreach Elder or the church office.  We welcome your input and participation in Outreach endeavors.

Called by God to be the heart, voice, hands and feet of Christ where the Spirit leads us.