Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church History

At mid century, as Richmond stretched in a westerly direction, Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church was born. The church, organized by the Presbytery of Hanover on February 17, 1952, with 59 charter members, is a product of that urban expansion.

The first sanctuary (now called Wilson Hall) was erected in 1953 and the education building was built in 1956. The present sanctuary was dedicated in 1961. The administration building was completed in 1977, and the newest addition, with a fellowship hall and classrooms was completed in 1994. Tuckahoe has continued to expand its mission outreach by supporting local and world missions. Tuckahoe is young; she began as a mustard seed of faith, and her history is being written each day as she carries on her work to the glory of God.

Our Mission and Vision

Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church is a strong church: strong in faith, commitment to mission, and support for its members. Our congregation has both long-time members as well as new families and individuals who have recently joined.

The atmosphere is both friendly and relaxed, a feeling one senses on entering the church on Sunday morning, taking part in the after church fellowship, or participating in one of the many other activities sponsored by the church.

Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness

Tuckahoe’s view of the world has traditionally been loving and caring. The issues to which the congregation responds and devotes its energy are typically those where lending a helping hand or offering assistance will make a difference.

Issues of particular concern are:

  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Family violence

Tuckahoe will meet these problems by showing acts of mercy, compassion and forgiveness that evidence our faith and commitment to God. We seek opportunities to give our time, talents, and money to uplift those in need, comfort the distressed, fill those who are spiritually empty, and maintain the well being of others.